Helikon - Ghillie Suit

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The Ghillie Suit is a set comprising a jacket, trousers, a cap and tape for weapon... mehr
Produktinformationen "Helikon - Ghillie Suit"

The Ghillie Suit is a set comprising a jacket, trousers, a cap and tape for weapon camouflage. Each element of the set is made of a very breathable mesh with attached camouflage elements for concealment in woodland or desert surroundings. This construction allows the user to wear the Ghillie Suit over the field uniform. A must-have for Mil/LE recon specialists, snipers, designated marksmen and military enthusiasts as well. 

Product Features:
• High breathability
• Lightweight and compressible
• Jacket: 
-> Plastic snap fasteners closure
• Pants: 
-> Elastic corded waist and cuffs with quick-locks for individual fit
-> Two pass-through pockets with flaps
• Hat:
-> Face panel made of mesh for protection against insects
• Weapon camouflage tape included
• Compression straps and carrying bag included

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