5.11 Tactical HARD TIME Handschuh

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Auslaufmodell: So lange der Vorrat reicht!!! PURPOSE BUILT Our HardTime hard knuckle... mehr
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Auslaufmodell: So lange der Vorrat reicht!!!


Our HardTime hard knuckle gloves provide operators with strong, sturdy, and reliable knuckle protection that excels in harsh mission environments. Our unique articulated knuckle guard structure features two hardened thermoplastic plates with interior padding and a TPR outer laminate that provides maximum protection without sacrificing dexterity or comfort.  Flame and slash resistant Kevlar® knit fabric construction ensures a great fit. TacticalTouch™ precision fingertips provide enhanced tactility when handling firearms and tools or performing patdowns, and a secure hook and loop closure ensures a snug and comfortable fit.


High performance hard knuckle gloves

Articulated thermoplastic knuckle plates

TacticalTouch precision fingertips

Seamless goatskin palm


Kevlar® knit fabric back panel

Reinforced finger joints

Neoprene and hook and loop closure with reinforced pull tab

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