Carinthia Defence 1 TOP

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The Defence 1 is a Light-Weight sleeping bag with an extremely small stuff size and minimum... mehr
Produktinformationen "Carinthia Defence 1 TOP"


The Defence 1 is a Light-Weight sleeping bag with an extremely small stuff size and minimum weight. The shellproof shell fits loosely over the inner structure and provides an extra layer of insulation with no cold seams.

This construction ensures reserve warmth for cool, foggy nights. In warmer weather the bottom part of the two-way zipper can be opend for ventilation. The zipper is non-snagging so that you can alway get out quickly and easily.

Model: Defence 1 TOP

Comfort Limit: + 3°C

Extreme: - 12°C

Colour:   Olive 

Size: M, Weight: 1.050 g, Stuff size compressed: 18 x 25 cm

Size: L, Weight: 1.200 g, Stuff size compressed: 18 x 28 cm

*Alle Angaben in cm

Grösse                          M                    L

Körperhöhe Regular        169 - 179       174 - 184

Körperhöhe Long            173 - 183       178 - 188

Brustumfang                    98 - 106       104 - 112

Bundumfang                    88 - 96           94 - 102

Hüftumfang                      96 - 104       102 - 110

Ärmellänge Regular          64 - 65           66 - 67

Ärmellänge Long              67 - 68           69 - 70

Schrittlänge                     80 - 81           82 - 83


Warm, leicht und atmungsaktiv – auch bei extrem nasskaltem Wetter: Die revolutionäre G-LOFT Isolation wird allerhöchsten Ansprüchen gerecht. Als erstes Isoliermaterial kombiniert G-LOFT die Vorzüge natürlicher Daunen mit der Unempfindlichkeit der Kunstfaser. Und zwar dauerhaft. Denn aufgrund des „MEMORY-EFFEKTES“ kehrt die G-LOFT Isolation auch nach häufigem Waschen und härtesten Belastungen immer in ihre einzigartig wärmende Ursprungsform zurück. G-LOFT garantiert damit für optimale Wärmeisolation und Klimaregulierung im Outdoor-Bereich.



Manufactured from high-quality bi-component polymers, the structure of G-LOFT insulation is in fact similar in many ways to high-quality goose down. The 3-dimensional crimping ensures maximum resilience and loft.


Thermoflect increases the heat retention of a sleeping bag by around 11 %. Thermoflect is our solution to heat loss due to body radiation. Thermoflect is an ultra-light, ultra-soft, breathable scrim with the unique ability to reflect body-heat.


Experience has shown that the trapezoidal cut provides the ultimate foot space. In a normal sleeping position, the feet do not poke the insulation outward, avoiding cold spots. There is also enough room to store a shoe bag or extra clothing.


Here the criteria of stuff size, weight and warmth are most important. The tapered foot section reduces weight and stuff size. The main advantage is, however, that from the knee downwards there is increasingly less internal volume to keep warm. The foot section should not be so small that the feet cause the layers of insulation to poke out. A trapezoidal foot section has proven to be ideal. A wedge shape, declining evenly in width from top to bottom, does not fit the true proportions of the body.


In this lightweight design, the outer shell is loosely attached to the bag. The G-LOFT ISO+ filling is quilted to an insulating scrim. As a result, an additional air pocket is formed between the quilted insulation layer and the shell, yet no cold seams can occur.


All Carinthia military sleeping bags are equipped with a two way zipper. The glider on the top does not snag, allowing a quick step out if necessary (in case of alert for example). The glider on the down side does stick and can be opened for ventilation.

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