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Helikon CAMP CUP
Helikon CAMP CUP
Large hard anodized aluminum cup that holds 0,85 liter and works well with both gas fuel burners and open camp fires. Folding, insulated handles ensure compact size when packing, while internal diameter allows to fit the cup over 1L...
18,50 € *
Helikon  CAMP-A-BOX® Complete
Helikon CAMP-A-BOX® Complete
Product code: SE-CAB-PP Name: CAMP-A-BOX® Complete Raw material: Polypropylene Sizing: Weight: 270 g The need in nature may differ from day to day, person to person. But the knowledge that you are always well equipped remains. Proven...
22,00 € *
Helikon Fold-A-Cup
Lightweight foldable cup. After unfolding takes the form of a stable plastic cup to both cold and hot drinks (doesn't melt). When folded, takes a very small amount of space. Product Features: Capacity: 250 ml Dimensions when unfolded: 10...
3,00 € *
Helikon Thermobecher Edelstahl
Helikon Thermobecher Edelstahl
Mit den vakuumisolierten doppelten Wänden und dem undurchlässigen Deckel hält dieser Becher Getränke selbst bei äusserst kalten Witterungsbedingungen warm. Eine große Zweckmäßigkeit bietet der zusammenklappbare Henkel....
6,00 € *