5.11 Tactical Sidekick Boot Knife

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Ab 18 Jahren - Altersnachweis notwendig!! The Sidekick Boot Knife has a 4mm blade... mehr
Produktinformationen "5.11 Tactical Sidekick Boot Knife"
Ab 18 Jahren - Altersnachweis notwendig!!
The Sidekick Boot Knife has a 4mm blade thickness and 2" combo edge modified Tanto blade. The Side Kick Boot Knife is a perfect blade to be carried in the boot, belt or around the neck with its MOLLE compatible sheath.
  • 4mm blade thickness
  • 2” combo edge modified Tanto blade
  • Subdued Black oxide coating with skeletonized handle
  • Injection molded plastic sheath for boot and dutybelt carry
  • Ambidextrous up/down/left/right options
  • Attaches to MOLLE webbing or web platform
  • Includes Allen wrench to adjust pocket depth
  • Includes break-away chain for wear as a neck knife
  • Mike Vellekamp/Blade-Tech® design
  • Length 5.5"
  • AUS 8 blade steel
  • Imported

The Side Kick™ is a great choice for boot or belt carry and can even be worn as a neck knife. The sheath is also MOLLE compatible. This new and innovative knife is an exceptional value.

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