Helikon Modular Rip-Away First Aid Kit

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Auslaufmodell: So lange der Vorrat reicht!! Product Features: • Dimensions:... mehr
Produktinformationen "Helikon Modular Rip-Away First Aid Kit"

Auslaufmodell: So lange der Vorrat reicht!!

Product Features:
• Dimensions: 175 x 120 x 70mm
• Two-element construction – Rip-Away Velcro panel with MOLLE/PALS compatible straps and the Rip-Away Velcro First Aid Kit pouch
• Pouch closed with two-way zipper with cord zipper pulls for easy and silent opening
• Clamshell-style opening
• Two interior pockets with multiple straps and elastic loop webbing to hold medical tools and supplies/miscellaneous gear in place
• Specially designed pull tab for rapid single-pull opening (pull tab can be hidden inside the pouch)
• Velcro panel allows to tear the First Aid Kit pouch away from the Velcro MOLLE mount in order to access the contents more easily
• Easy-to-grab webbing loop for carrying or rapid removal of the First Aid Kit pouch
• Rip-Away Velcro panel secures the First Aid Kit pouch with two backing platforms, a strap and side-release buckle
• 50 mm x 50 mm Velcro patch area across the front of the upper backing platform
• Bottom grommet to keep the pouch clear from water and debris
• Compatible with MOLLE/PALS

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